About Us

Qasida Collection is a collection of Qasida (poems) from all over the Muslim world.

While we are just getting started in collecting Qasidas, we have a vision to be the largest use-able repository of Qasidas.

Email us at moc.noitcellocadisaq@ofni

What makes Qasida Collection different

There are many websites that contains various collections. Qasida Collection aims to personalize the experience for each individual user.A person from Russia will see an Arabic Qasida with translation and transliteration in Russian.A person form America will see the same Qasida, but with English transliteration.A person form China will see an English Qasida with Chinese translation.

We are just getting started

How can I help add a Qasida?

We are still working on enabling the community to add Qasida's to this repository.

Once this is complete, you'll be able to login, add a Qasida to the collection and submit for review.

We hope to enable community contribution by November, 2022

I'm a developer, can I help?

Yes! We need developers to build out the many features we have planned for Qasida Collection.

Some examples:

  • Enabling qasidas in Urdu and other languages
  • Enabling community contributions
  • Auto Translation into multiple languages
  • Event Mode: ability for event organizers to share the qasida being sung
  • Enabling Qasidas with chapters (like Qasida Burdah)

Contact Us

I'm not a developer, how can I help?

Not a coder? No problem!


  • Anyone can add a Qasida and we need trusted individuals who can review, edit and approve a pending Qasida.
  • Editors to help us correct voweling on Arabic Qasidas, which is critical to our auto-transliteration.
  • Designers to help build the UX